Since 2009 KIAN has been developing and bringing to market high quality, energy efficient, and durable lighting products to the home/residential, commercial, and retail markets in South and Central America.

Kian’s rapid growth is the result of an experienced team, market oriented portfolio of LED and traditional lighting products, and agile business model that has reacted to the changes in the lighting market.

With support of a Hong Kong based engineer team, Kian is present in Brazil, Argentina, Central America, the Caribeann and recently in USA.

Our Structure

led bulb lamp ilumination light fabric distributor
led bulb lamp ilumination light fabric distributor

Sustainable KIAN

sustentavel empresa fabrica verde

Sustainable products: The long life and energy efficiency of KIAN products, help to reduce the consumption of natural resources and minimizes environmental impact, benefiting our planet socioeconomically.

Green technology in construction: We utilized “Green Building Concepts” in the construction of our distribution center. We specified sustainable materials and energy efficient products, which reduced the consumption of natural resources and minimized environmental impact. For our United States office we chose an LEED certified building.

KIAN actions: We do not just sell efficient lighting, we live and act accordingly, contributing to a sustainable future.

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